Unable (so far) to Echo Show connect Hikvision NVR [SOLVED]

  • Hi. Have been unsuccessful in getting my existing Hikvision DS-7604NI NVR working with my Echo Show. I keep getting an Alexa message of “Unable to connect to camera.” I’ve tried a number of connectivity options via gateway, proxy server, @tunnel tags, changing video resolution, etc. All work with VLC but somehow do not work with Alexa.

    I have posted details of my Monocle configuration in the Devices/HikVision section of this forum. Would appreciate any insights in case I’m missing something obvious. I’d really like not to have to replace this existing camera set up to connect to the Echo Show.


  • @gargary said in Unable (so far) to Echo Show connect Hikvision NVR:


    So, it looks like Hikvision uses an RTSP stream of the form:


    In order to help you, can you take a screen shot of your camera in the Monocle gateway? Here is a camera of mine, for example:


  • I had problems with my newer Hikvions showing on Fire TV. If it’s newer make sure ONVIF is enabled and create a user with same user/password as the camera log in. I also had to use stream 2. I am thinking the 1440 resolution was was too much for Fire TV (older version). I did all 720 streams and had no problem, so that my be the issue.

  • @vmsman Thanks for responding. Here is the current set up for the NVR


    As mentioned, I’d also tried using the gateway/@tunnel method but removed it from the configuration after it did not work either.

    Please let me know if anything jumps out.


  • @cmjanus Thanks. I will see if I can play with the items you suggest.

  • @cmjanus Thanks for your suggestions.

    I tried reducing the resolution – and in fact the Echo Show seems to only handle up to 720, according to Amazon, so that change made sense. I also made sure the camera-specific ID/PW matches that of the NVR. Unfortunately, while these new settings work fine on VLC, I am still not yet able to get the Show to view the NVR stream.

    Hopefully there is a solution somewhere, as I’m hoping not t have to replace this existing system with new cameras.

  • @gargary I don’t know if this matters or if you already did this, but on the Monocle Portal in the camera settings, I kept the resolution to 192x192. Also did you try turning off your anti virus and firewall to see if the problem is there?

  • @gargary Try making the channel 102 and see if that works. The resolution setting in the Monocle interface doesn’t really do anything. Changing to your lower resolution RTSP profile which I believe is channel 102 might work though.

  • @vmsman Thanks for the reply and suggestion.

    I’ve tried what you suggest and unfortunately using 102 doesn’t seem to work on either the Echo Show nor on VLC.

    I also tried lowering the video resolution on the both the NVR itself and on Monocle portal to 1280 x 720 but still can not get it to work with the Show.

    My current profile looks as follows:



    Please let me know if anything else jumps out.

    I’ve also emailed Hikvision about potentially applying a firmware update.

  • @gargary

    A few users have reported similar issues with newer Hikvision cameras. In these cases, modifying the camera’s internal H.264 profile settings and/or H.264+ option seemed to help. Sorry I don’t have more details on what exactly to change, but you might try playing with those settings to see if they make any difference. Some newer cameras are stating to come with H.265 enabled as the default video codec, Alexa devices do not yet support H.265. If you camera offers the ability to disable the audio stream (if equipped) try that too.

    The camera resolution should not matter, the Echo Show can display up to 4K I believe. The Echo Spot and certain FireTV devices are limited to 1080P and lower.

    Thanks, Robert

  • I have a new Hikvision camera and NVR that was installed a couple of weeks ago. I copied the rstp TV setting that you had into my configuration. The only difference between your configuration and mine is the video resolution which I left at 192x192. It worked on my echo show. I am new to all this and don’t have a clue what I’m doing but just provide this in maybe that it will help somehow.

  • @Monkeycam thanks for posting this, and very interesting that your Hikvision set up worked without a problem.

    I have an older Hikvision model – we installed the system about 6 or 7 years ago – so perhaps there is something different in the newer units that enables them to work better with the Echo Show.

  • I’m sure there are differences. When I did searches for help on different aspects of configuring the system, most of the stuff I found didn’t work. It applied only to older systems. Finding help that applies to current systems proved to be challenging and sometimes nonexistent. For what it is worth, I did not modify any parameters on Hikvision equipment.

  • I finally can report success in getting this NVR to work with my Alexa Show.

    I ended up making two changes:

    (a) I updated the firmware (the NVR as well as the camera firmware). Hikvision USA customer support was very helpful in ensuring I had the correct firmware files and that I applied them in the right sequence.

    (b) I changed the settings for the Monocle gateway as shown below. I modified the parameters to use port 64001 instead of 554. The IP address is that of the NVR, and port 64001 is used by the NVR for direct routing to camera #1.


    The firmware changes also forced my to strengthen the password for both the NVR and the camera. I made these identical, though it’s not clear whether that made a difference or not.

    I now have to upgrade firmware on the other cameras, but I believe these will use ports 64002, 64003, etc.

    Thanks to everyone for the advice given.

  • I am having similar issues.

    HikVision NVR (actually LUMA branded), newer 510 model.

    Have done ALL of the troubleshooting mentioned above and within the site. What makes this more perplexing is that I had it working on my Echo Spot, and then also on my Echo Show (2nd Gen 10") with a single camera through the NVR. When I started to go and add more camera feeds everything broke and I cannot even get the original one to work again.

    I even deleted my entire Monocle user account and disabled the Alexa skill and started from scratch to no avail.

    The fact that it works without issue in VLC makes this even more confusing.

    Any help or advise appreciated.

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