@pattyland You may be right on the authentication. However, it should work with either setting. If you choose “DIGEST” we attempt DIGEST authentication first if possible and revert to BASIC if DIGEST is not available or fails. If you choose “BASIC”, we attempt BASIC authentication first unless we receive information in the request/response headers that indicate that the endpoint requires DIGEST. So this authentication setting really should work with either value, perhaps just more optimized if its set correctly. Ås for the audio codec, maybe that depends on the actual camera stream that Synology is attached to. I’m not 100% sure, I’d have to set it up again and test. I know my cameras attached to my Synology NAS are producing AAC audio streams, but I’m not sure if Synology transcodes the audio to G711. This audio codec setting provides guidance to the Alexa devices as to which type of audio stream to expect; however, in practice I’m not sure that it matters too much as it seams Alexa will accept either one at runtime and not reject the stream outright if this setting is incorrect. It is a good idea to set it correctly if you know its wrong, because perhaps there is more at play than we realize in side the black-box that is Alexa. Thanks, Robert