@vmsman said in Reolink RLC-820A Not working on Monocole Gateway:

Does it help you that these other three programs handled /h264Preview_01_main and worked with this camera?

Not really … (unfortunately)
The hardware is probably capable of playing the stream … it’s the viewer software that must support the H265 codec. The URL signature /h264Preview_01_mai really does not matter … it’s the data returned in the SDP (stream descriptor) that is telling the player to use the H.265 codec. Specifically this line:

a=rtpmap:96 H265/90000

I only noticed a single video stream (#96) and single audio stream (#97) in the log data you posted above. It’s telling the viewing software the stream supports H.265 for video and AAC audio.

Unfortunately Amazon has not added support for any newer video codecs since H.264 for Alexa camera streaming. See https://developer.amazon.com/en-US/docs/alexa/device-apis/alexa-camerastreamcontroller.html#supported-video

You could try using the @fakefmtp tag … but I seriously doubt it will work.

The only thing I can think of suggesting is to have some other software (like FFMPEG/FFSERVER) ingest the H.265 stream and re-encode (transcode) it and output it via H.264. Clearly this will add latency and is a somewhat ugly solution. Other users have mentioned using SCRYPTED for their Unifi cameras. I have not tried it out yet, but I think it may be using FFMGEG under the hood to transcode the stream.

Thanks, Robert