I’d like to point out that the use cases for snapshots (ie a single image) are much broader than have been listed here.
One case is time-lapse, where you simply want to automate a photo every minute/hour/day/whatever.

Another is in automations that involve something “dangerous” where you want to validate that the automation fully completed. For example if you have a recirculator pump, you want to switch that on for a few minutes before showering, but you don’t want it running 24/7 (because it puts a strain on copper joints and leads to micro leaks in the plumbing). So you’d want any automation to do something like

start power (eg switch on a smart plug) delay five min stop power capture a screenshot of the smart plug and/or recirculator, and display it on eg an Echo Show.

Video is a sub-optimal solution here insofar as

it’s not necessary you don’t want to have to manually tell the video to stop. Much better to just throw up a snapshot and have it sitting on the Echo Show indefinitely, until you see it and use the Show for some other purpose.