Can not login since yesterday

  • Yesterday I got my Raspberry Pi and I set up monocle-gateway first, to see my Foscam via my Synology Surveillance Station on my Echo Show 8.
    After several Attempts it showed the stream correctly, but unfortunately it stoppend working, when starting the stream the next time.
    Then I tried to login in my account, but I always get the message:

    We apologize, but the MonocleCam site is down for temporary maintenance.
    Please try again in a few minutes.

    These message apears now for over 12 hours. On the status-page you tell, that everything works fine???

  • @chzetzl Ya, same here, for a couple days. Just got everything working now this. Hope it comes back.

  • Please try now. This was a separate issue that should now be resolved.

  • Stream still doesn’t start. Echo only tells “Cam doesn’t react”.
    Very disappointing.

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