Unable to continue with Home Assistant manual installation

  • I am very new to linux and I have only been using home assistant for a couple of weeks. I am trying to install Monocle onto it, but when I get to this step, it will not work

    sudo dpkg -i monocle-gateway-linux-raspi-v0.0.4.deb

    I get an error dpkg not found. I seem to only be able to get it to work as “install” , but there are values I am not familiar with yet. This is what it tells me when I run install. apt-get doesn’t work either.

    sudo install monocle-gateway-linux-raspi-v0.0.4.deb
    BusyBox v1.32.1 () multi-call binary.

    Usage: install [-cdDsp] [-o USER] [-g GRP] [-m MODE] [-t DIR] [SOURCE]… DEST

    Copy files and set attributes

        -c      Just copy (default)
        -d      Create directories
        -D      Create leading target directories
        -s      Strip symbol table
        -p      Preserve date
        -o USER Set ownership
        -g GRP  Set group ownership
        -m MODE Set permissions
        -t DIR  Install to DIR

    Thank you for any help

  • Apparently this is because of the Alpine Linux system that is running. I just need to know how to complete the steps with the Alpine commands.

  • I found that i needed to use apk instead. I’m now running into a problem with the install type. sudo dpkg -i monocle-gateway-linux-arm64-v0.0.4.deb package architecture arm64 does not match system (musl-linux-arm64). I am so lost.

  • @alison22000

    I would suggest following the manual installation steps for a non-Debian based OS.

    Make sure to download the TAR.GZ archive instead of the DEB installer package.
    SEE: https://monoclecam.com/monocle-gateway/install/linux-script-install?os=linux&arch=arm&target=arm64&file=monocle-gateway-linux-arm64-v0.0.4

    The steps to setup the daemon/service may or may not work. You may have to review the install script and adapt for any Alpine differences.

  • I can’t seem to download it. I get a error cannot resolve host

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