the lan changed

  • If my camera connected another lan, should I modify the camera info which register in monocle?

  • @bill

    If the Alexa devices are on a different LAN than the IP cameras, then that could be a problem. The Alexa devices make local connections to the IP cameras. If you have sophisticated routing on your LAN where you can allow the Alexa devices to connect to the IP cameras on a different LAN/VLAN/subnet, then it should work. However, yes you will need to put the correct host/address information in the Monocle web portal so that we send the appropriate RTSP URL address down to the Alexa devices when they request a stream.

    One alternative could be to use our Monocle Gateway service which could act as a camera gateway if its running on a multi-homed system where it can communicate with the cameras and host an incoming interface that the Alexa devices can connect to.

    Thanks, Robert

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