Reolink RLC-820A not working with Monocle Gateway

  • I added a Reolink RLC-820A to my network today. My other cameras are mostly RLC-420’s and RLC-520’s. The difference is that this camera is 4k at 3840x2160, whereas the aforementioned cameras are 2560x1440. I have had no luck getting these cameras to work with Monocle Gateway thus far for either my Echo Shows or my Fire TV 4K sticks. This RTSP address works on my QNAP QVR Pro NVR, it works on Shinobi, and it works on the Onvifer camera viewer.

    The RTSP address is rtsp:// The difference is the “h265” whereas the old cameras were h264. My current test configuration which does not work is:
    820a Config.png
    Any ideas would be much appreciated.

  • Any luck with this issue? I’m having the same problem.

  • Yes. I have an open call with Reolink. The issue is that the RLC-820A is H.265 only and does not and will not ever support H.264 compression. Alexa can only deal with video streams that are H.264 today. The monocle gateway only supports RTSP to RTP protocol with H.264.

    That means that Monocle and mostly Amazon are not supporting H.265 today and that’s why a voice command for this camera is not possible. That being said, Reolink also acknowledges that the RLC-820A has problems today in its firmware. These directly affect voice recording and also create some video glitches. My call with Reolink is open pending a newer firmware for the RLC-820A. The RLC-820A is Reolink’s first H.265 camera and their firmware appears to be almost beta.

    I currently record my RLC-820A with QNAP QVR Pro and I am able to record and view in with Shinobi also. Both of these softwares handle the video, but the audio is pop and crackles that are terribly out of sync. A new firmware should fix this.

    I also use TinyCam Pro to view all my cameras on my Fire TV 4k Stick. This works perfectly, albiet no audio for the above reason. Because of the H.265 issue, don’t expect to see your RLC-820A viewable on any Echo Shows in the near term.

    The increased resolution and field of view on the RLC-820A is fantastic, but it suffers in interoperability. All we can hope is that Amazon will embrace H.265 in the future and that Reolink will improve their firmware.

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