Two-way talk

  • I know, it’s a BIG ask, but seeing as how Amcerest SmartHome skill has this feature, maybe Monoclecam can add it too.

    Perhaps in the strictest definition, devices of type “Cameras” can’t offer two way talk (twt), but I have devices shown in the All Devices category of the Alexa app that offer this feature (two-way talk), most notably, Amcrest SmartHome (ASH). ASH can do this with my Echo Show and my Firestick 4k, but it only supports ASH compatible cameras. The twt feature of the other two-way-talk capable cams in my home (Amcrest branded, but not SmartHome compatible) works with my NVR and BlueIris and their dedicated phone apps. Integration with Alexa Show/FireTV via Monocle for any camera’s twt feature would be a nice bonus, epecially considering that the SmartHome / Alexa integration literally requires a restart of my SH cam after any time I use the talk feature from anything other than the Alexa skill.

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