TAPO C310 / Monocle Gateway

  • Hey Guys,

    I´m looking for some help. I got a TP-Link Tapo C310 installed. Working fine with Tapo App but its very slow. So I tought, I use monocle cam. I also get an Raspberry Pie which is used as Gateway.

    So all is fine but now heres the problem.

    When I try to tunnel the stream with the tag @tunnel its saying me: 401 not authorised
    When I change to proxy with the tag @proxy all is good but also slow like the tapo skill.

    Can you help me, what can I try?

    Auth is Basic. VLC is working in the LAN with Basic and Stream works.

    Im confused 😞

  • Is it also slow with VLC? If so, look to the cam, not the gateway.

  • Nope, In vlc it’s on after 2 secs. On Alexa it Takes 10 or 15 secs and it’s a Little bit delayed

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