Separate VLANs Issue

  • I am running into some issues with my Alexa devices (on a dedicated IoT VLAN) communicating to my Monocle Gateway/Unifi Protect cameras.

    If I move the Alexa Device (Echo Show 5) to my main LAN then I can connect and view the RTSP stream without issue. But if I am on my dedicated IoT LAN, then I can see the camera listed, but cannot stream.

    I have enabled communication on the firewall on port 443 using a LAN IN rule from my Echos to the Monocle Gateway without any luck. I also tried adding a LAN IN rule from my Echos to my Unifi Protect IP and RTSP stream port without luck.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • @chunsanger did you ever get to the bottom of this? It appears reading the logs that the communication via Port 443 is not actually how the echo communicates with gateway. The port seems to change after every use. As a stop gap I’ve allowed the IP address’s of the echo access to the IP of the gateway, but that’s less than ideal!

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