Echo Show 8 & SD8POE-5MP-HX

  • I’m trying to get a SV3C PTZ camera (SD8POE-5MP-HX) to display on an Echo Show 8 without much luck with Alexa saying the camera isn’t responding. Before I give it up I thought I’d ask if anyone might see something I missed or a suggestion to try.

    I’ve followed all the steps in " Getting Started" along with the troubleshooting.
    This SV3C camera is 5MP so I’m using the sub stream at 800 x 600 so it isn’t over the max 1080p on the Echo Show.
    I’ve tested the stream in VLC along with the codecs and all is good.
    Gateway is setup and running and looks like it is connecting without errors when a requests is made on the Show but I don’t know enough to interpret the log.
    DNS is working and tested by pinging the DNS name
    Have tried both @tunnel & @proxy tags

    Monocle configuration: (matched to the camera settings)
    Last Viewed: Sun May 23 2021 19:14:32 GMT+0000 (UTC)

    Thanks for any help!

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