Unifi with Echo Show 8

  • I’ve been trying to get this going for a few days now. I used to have my UniFi cameras working back before the gateway was necessary. When it became necessary and broke my config, I never got around to fixing it until now. Now my NVR and all my cameras are new anyway.

    I have a cloud key gen 2 for the nvr. I have 3 G3 Flex and one G4 Dome cameras, None of them work.

    I have setup the gateway on a Ubuntu server VM.

    When I ask my echo to show me Back Yard, or Front Yard, or Porch or Patio, it does show in the gateway trail, so echo is clearly communicating with it, but then the echo just hangs on “waiting for camera name” and then eventually times out.

    My network setup is fairly complex, I have a home server running my own domain controllor, with an Aruba switch with 4 different VLANs, but the camera is on the “standard” VLAN. My firewall is a fortigate 40F, but as far as outgoing policies, it allows all outgoing traffic.

    I have verified that i can ping the *.mproxy.io

    here is a picture showing the trail. I have also tried a combination of tags including @proxy, @noaudio, and @hangup


    Here is a picture of my config in Monocle


    And another for the Dome


    One last note, I don’t believe is related if I’m reading everything correctly. But I do have an actual remote desktop gateway setup on my network. So inbound that does use port 443, but that is tied to its own server, and if I’m reading this all correctly on setup and troubleshooting, only the specific server needs to be able to listen on port 443.

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