i got a cam running on YCC365

  • hi,

    i got 3 ip cams running on ycc365

    2 of the cams are avalible via VLC on them urls:


    the 3rd cam is avalible on this url

    the 3rd cam only has a username admin and no password

    how can i add this cam with username admin and no pass to monocle?
    on both auth methods i get password required.

    in the ycc365 app i cant change or modyfy andy user or pass for the cam
    thx for the help

  • @jimmybones Onvif Device Manager may do the trick. from it, you can add/change/create users. It will also help build your RTSP stream URL. I just created a user, no password and tested in ODM and VLC.

    The string syntax for user without password is: (using USER2 and my appropriate string) your string may be different: ** note [username] then Semicolon**


  • thx for the help
    Onvif is finding the cam but i cant create a new user or modify the user.
    i get the error connection closed …

    i got the rtsp stream and its working

    but in monocle i cant add the cam, becaus i need to set a password also
    but the cam has only the user admin and no pass set

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