Echo Show 10 and Ubiquiti

  • Hi all,

    I appreciate the Echo Show 10 (the spinny one) isn’t in the supported list but thought I would ask nonetheless;
    Monocle and the Show 10 have been working perfectly since I set it up on the day it was delivered. However, over the last two weeks, when I ask Alexa to show me any one of my Ubiquiti cameras, the feed loads and displays but only plays at approx half speed (or less). It will carry on playing until I say otherwise, but the whole time will be playing in slow mo. If I ask Alexa to show me the feed from my ring doorbell (non-monocle) everything plays fine. My intuition tells me this is as a result of a firmware update on the Show 10 where Amazon have changed something (I have an older (non spinny) show and a show 5 and they both still work perfectly), but wanted to post here to see if anyone else is experiencing anything similar / has an opinion.


  • @Rich I have an Echo show 8 (started writing this thought I had a 10, just doubled check, nope all 8’s and 5’s. but I’ll give you my recent experiences with UI and Protect, maybe you’ll find a nugget), and using 16 UI cams. Just in the last 3weeks upgraded from the UCKG2+ to a UI UNVR.

    I assume “spinny” , you mean the show that follows you?

    My 8’s are less than 1yo.

    So far soo good on mine.
    Was just going thru the cams last night on one of my 8’s.

    The only thing I noticed between the 5 vs the 8, is the screen size ratio were slightly different and the streaming was odd. I selected small feed sizes for monocle to feed thru Alexa to the Alexa hardware. And streaming was far better as well.

    Another thing, in the last couple of months, UI has had major and minor updates to their Protect firmware.
    With the 16 cams, I was pushing the UCKG2+, and the upgrades pushed my UCKG2+ over the edge, and the UCKG2+ was crashing. Upgraded to UNVR and world of difference. Haven’t changed my Monocle feeds, still using the “smaller feeds” (not any higher rez), but I’ll be leaving well enough alone. Response time has improved when asking for a UI cam stream via monocle.

  • EXACT same issue over here. Did you find a solution?

  • Fraid not. Can’t pin down the cause and it’s still happening for me.

  • Any chance anyone’s been able to figure this out?

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