Internet lost, Monocle Ping Failure, Monocle needs to be restarted.

  • So I have UI cams and their UNVR. When all is well, all is well. The only issue I’ve come across is when I’ve lost internet connectivity thanks to my ISP (ever since covid and people working from home it’s common to loose “the internet” once or a few times a day for a few minutes and it comes back). Once “the internet went down” and came back I can’t access my cams via any number of Alexa enable devices.
    To have Monocle recover, I need to stop Monocle and restart it and all is right with the world.

    I’ve not been running Monocle as a service, but as an occurrence that starts up in my “start” group, so I can see the console run. I’ve being doing that since “the beginning” just be sure it ran well. I never got around to changing it over to a service.
    Before I shut it down, I see at the command line that the Ping test failed (due to the lack of connectivity).

    Seems once “the internet goes down”, Monocle can’t self recover.

    Is the service version more robust to internet outages and no response to it’s pings? Will it “self recover” ?


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