Connects, then Buffering..., then terminates

  • I have an echo spot and a raspberry pi running the Gateway software. I have 7 cameras connected to a wbox NVR. All of the cameras are accessible via the same RTSP URLs stored in monocle in VLC. All 7 connect and stream perfectly using the @proxy (tunnel doesn’t work). After about 45 seconds the camera stream switches to Buffering on the screen of the echo spot. The same streams work fine and don’t terminate on VLC. Any ideas?

  • I’m having the same issue on an Amazon Fire Cube, running through the Windows version of Monocle Gateway. All 10 Cameras do the same. Almost feels like some sort of memory on the device is getting filled up then causing it to crash. All streams work fine on VLC as well.

  • I have setup my fire cube and it has been working now for about a week with no issues. I had to install the server on one of my PCs.

    Seems like documentation was poor and worded to make you think you dont need the server when i actually did need it. Was more confusing when they mention a second server. That was the one i needed and i also needed the camera parameter string, mentioned during the server setup as an example. Once i saw this, i found my parameter strings for each camera and wow! W
    orked great!

  • What makes you think it is memory getting filled up? Does it start and then crash?
    Did you test the gateway and check the log?
    Mine had a port conflict i saw and fixed before it would work.
    Also, when using the gateway, i believe you use the cameras ip address and not the pc of the gateway. Can you confirm you have unique ips?

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