2n Verso IP Door Intercom

  • Hello everybody,

    ich hav a door intercom 2n Verso IP and i can see the picture from the camera over RTP in vlc Player without problems.
    But I have not yet managed to display the camera image in the Echo Show.
    Does someone maybe have a 2n IP Verso running and managed to configure it?

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  • @AHeinlein said in 2n Verso IP Door Intercom:

    2n Verso IP

    I realize your question was clear and specific but it’s rare to have a perfect model to copy. There are a number of factors that have affected me using Echo Shows with a number of different cameras - I do have 6 different cams all working with the Echo Show units I have BUT -
    I never got the new Echo Show 3 (the moving display thing) to ever work - the OS was modded by Amazon and now has a new level of security. Older Show’s like the 5, 8 and 10" models DO work.
    Another requirement is the display resolution is really picky.
    Really important is getting the stream compression correct. I am not aware of any h.265 stream ever functioning but I am not fully up to date on this and it may have changed.
    Here is my doorbell - maybe it will give you hints:

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