Live View Not supported

  • HikVision Embedded Net DVR DS-7204HUHI-K1 / P
    HikVision Static IP
    RTSP Port is 554
    Video Encoding for all four cameras is H.264
    No Cameras have Audio

    Running through a Sky Router.

    I can use the folowing to show the only camera I’m interested in trying to see on my Echo Show 8 2nd Generation in VLC
    And this works as expected in VLC.
    The <Username> is set up in my Hikvision as an ‘Operator’ with Digest access and has access to ‘Remote: Live View’ for all cameras (I’ve also tried restricting it to the one camera I’m interested in - Number four)

    The Camera is set up in Monocle with the above rtsp URL as Digest, H264, None, 960*576
    I’ve tried running the @tunnel with the monocle-gateway running
    Other than windows firewall, I’ve no other firewall or IP translation software running on my Windows PC

    The Alexa App finds my Camera (that I’ve called ‘Drive’ in Monocle) but it always says ‘Live view is not supported’ no matter what I try (Including @proxy)

    Any help or advise welcome as I appear to have gone through all the help pages here.
    A loopback solution, that I’ve seen here, is not an option I would assume as I’ve only one network port on the back of my Hikvision DVR.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Well it is fixed - I changed from @tunnel to just having @proxy and it now works!

    However, there is a minor annoyance in that the image times out (buffers then goes back to Home Screen), but that’s a problem for another time.

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