Stream times out

  • I’ve got my Hikvision Cameras streaming on command to my Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) and that works fine.
    However, the stream only lasts somewhere between 35 and 45 seconds before it starts buffering and then goes back to the home screen.

    Does anyone know if this is a Monocle or an Echo Setting likely to be causing this (and if so, which one(s))?


  • @shamer

    You can try different video and audio codec settings on your camera’s stream via the camera’s own settings. This is typically caused because the Amazon Echo/FireOS decoder does not like something about the stream. If you are using the Monocle Gateway, you can try adding the @noaudio tag to to your camera provider in the Monocle web portal. In some cases, it’s the audio stream that causes problems for Amazon’s devices. In other cases changing the video codec may help. Its pretty much a trial and error effort. There are no debug logs or anything that Amazon makes available to us or users to really diagnose the problem in detail.


  • @Monocle Thanks for the reply.

    I already have @hangup, @noaudio, @proxy set and, as you can tell, I’m running the Gateway.
    The connection doesn’t work under @tunnel or by not using the gateway.
    The only other codec available to my cameras are H264+ and H265, which we can’t use and using H264+ stops the feed entirely.
    I’m a bit stumped but if I come up with something I’ll post it here.

    Thanks again for the feedback and a great product!

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