• Please note that the Sricam cameras we have tested are not directly compatible with Alexa devices.


    The Sricam camera models we have tested do not support interleaved TCP streaming connections which is required for Alexa and FireTV devices. The The Sricam cameras so support UDP streaming but unfortunately this is not supported by the Alexa and FireTV devices.

    Current Solution/Workaround

    We provide a workaround to the underlying incompatibility using our Monocle Gateway service.

    You will need to install the Monocle Gateway service inside your local network and configure your Sricam cameras in the Monocle Web Portal to use your Monocle Gateway instance by tagging the camera with the @proxy tag. See Tagging Cameras for Monocle Gateway for more details.

    Note: The @proxy tag will instruct the Monocle Gateway to use UDP streaming with the camera and convert the stream to interleaved TCP for use with the Alexa and FireTV devices.


    On the SP017 model, I did not find any means to disable P2P networking. This poses a potential security risk since with P2P enabled, the camera establishes a connection directly to the camera manufacturer or OEM provider which could be used for unwanted purposes. I personally do not run camera’s on my private network with P2P enabled.

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