Camera will not show up unless running Monocle-gateway.exe

  • First of all, I am new to this, so still learning. I went to the webpage and registered myself and cameras, then put the skill on the Alexa. Although it would find the camera’s, it refused to show the video. Tried everything until I then put the monocle-gateway on to my pc to see what was going on, then the camera started showing the video feed. But as soon as I closed the monocle-gateway, it would stop working. I thought I did not need the monocle gateway running on my PC and the web program was all that was needed.

  • @happyandrew

    Some cameras and many of the newer Alexa devices/models require the use of Monocle Gateway. It’s mostly due to increased security requirements/constraints imposed by Amazon that the cameras alone are not able to provide.

    Thanks, Robert

  • Did something change recently? I added a Show 8 G2 and since doing so, all of my cameras don’t work from any of my alexa devices (they all used to work fine - amcrest cams). They’ve been fine for years, no gateway needed.

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