Cannot complete initial sign in for new account registration

  • I created a new account, with the same email address as this forum posting account. At the time the account was posted, my email address was not accepting emails, so I didn’t receive the account creation confirmation email. I have fixed my email problem, but now can’t finish the new account creation process, because I never received the email to confirm my address. I don’t see anyway to trigger the email to be sent again. Can you help?

  • Hmmm. It seems that my mail forwarding provider has not yet fixed my email problem. I will post again if I still have trouble after it gets fixed.

  • I still have the problem.

    I have verified that my email provider has fixed the issue that was blocking email deliveries to my address. I have verified that I am now receiving emails.

    I attempted to recover my password for monocle. The website told me it was sending an email with a link. I never received the link.

    Any suggestions?

  • My problem is resolved. I no longer need help.

    Earlier I had tried (several times) to re-start the registration process from scratch with the same email, but the site would not let me. Today it did.

    I didn’t receive any contact from Monocle support, so I assume no one did anything. I think that what “fixed” it was waiting long enough after trying to create an account without verifying the email address. My guess is that after some period of time (# of days?) without verifying the email address, the (partial) account creation gets cancelled, which allows someone to start creating an account with that email address from scratch.

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