cant stream qnap qvr on echo show8

  • hello everyone,

    i want to stream rtsp streams from my qnap qvr (new version von surveillance Station) on an echo show 8 device. on vlc it works very well. alexa echo show 8 cant stream the url. i dont know why.

    i installed the monocle gateway on a rpi 4

    after then i added the camera on the monoclecam website.

    i searched on for new devices and the camera has been found.

    and now if i try to watch the stream with “alexa, zeige Jonas (alexa, show jonas)” it says “die Kamera reagiert nicht (the camera doesnt respond)”.

    the server terminal show nothing if i try to show the qvr stream.

    iam using a reolink e1 camera, too. this works (with an other problem).
    for testing i try the reolink stream, echo show shows the stream. a terminal snapshot of the reolink stream:


    • NAME : Kinderzimmer
    • URL : rtsp://
    • UUID : STREAM:xxx
    • SESS : xxx
    • MODIF : Fri Jan 07 2022 14:57:30 GMT+0100 (CET)
    • TAGS : @tunnel

    i think the gateways has been set up correctly.

    do you have any tips?

    best regards

    p.s. i know my english is bad. if you cant understand my post, i will try it with google translator next time. 😖

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