• Please note that some Wansview cameras are not directly compatible with Alexa devices including models K3 and Q3S.


    There is an incompatibility with Alexa devices in the audio channel on some Wansview camera models.

    As of July 2019, Wansview cameras are no longer working on FireTVs with FireOS This includes FireTV 4K (Gen2), FireTV 4K Stick, FireTV Cube, Toshiba 4K Fire Edition. Wansview cameras are also confirmed not working on Echo Show 5 devices. At the time of this writing, Wansview cameras are working on older FireTV 4Ks running FireOS 5.2.7 and Echo Show (Gen1), Echo Show (Gen2) and Echo Spot. There is not currently a workaround available. We will be working with Amazon support to try and get these cameras working again.

    Current Solution/Workaround

    This can be resolved by disabling the audio channel in the stream via the camera’s web configuration pages. Set the Stream Type to Without Audio.

    If you prefer not to disable the audio in the stream, then you can optionally use the Monocle Gateway and tag your Wansview cameras with the @tunnel and @noaudio tags.

    Note: The FireTV 4K and newer devices all require using the Monocle Gateway service to allow them to function. Please see this page for more details: https://forum.monoclecam.com/topic/112/fire-tv-stick-4k-3rd-generation-2018


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