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  • i have an nvr i gor form an ebay weller my guess is lots of people do. anyway it has on it nvr6802 for a model. it is a network nvr. i have 2 cameras on it and i see them on the monitor. i use the tinycam app to see the cameras but i can’t see them when away. i have them ported and some say not to do that. i also have a dvr with 8 cameras on it. using the same app i can see all 8 cameras away. but what i would like to find out is how to see the cameras that are on the nvr?

    i entered the information into tiny cams app and i see on camera but i just can’t see to be able to see the second camera. i went into the app and change the channel but is still show channel 1. so will the nvr show all the cameras or is it pointless to try to see the cameras that the nvr see’s, or should i try to see the cameras using their own ip address? the zmodo that i see 8 cameras on are 8 channels but one ip address. i see the 2 cameras that are on the nvr on the tiny cam app but just wondering if it would be better to use the nvr instead? if anyone has an idea let me know thanks.

    1. Hardware NVRs are normally proprietary and designed to work only with the cameras sold by the vendor that makes the NVR.
    2. If you have a “DVR” with eight cameras on it and you understand how it works, why not add the two additional cameras to the DVR?
    3. By “ported” you mean being able to see them from outside your network? I would use the NVR built-in functionality to share your cameras outside your network because their mechanism would require/use some sort of security token.
    4. If you are looking for a more flexible and powerful “remote” viewing app and want it separate from the NVR, consider Onvifer from IP Centcom.
    5. Each camera has a separate IP address. Your NVR acts as a server to record your cameras and it has a single IP address. It is most desirable to have one VR that records and manages all of your cameras as a group.
    6. Monocle is a bridge/gateway that manages viewing your cameras on an Echo device or FireTV. Monocle has no DVR or NVR functionality.

  • @vmsman
    ok thanks i have the cameras on the nvr and i have them on the tinycam app but i’m having issues viewing them away from home. i can’t use the dvr as it is analog and uses cable like coax. the nvr uses cat5 cable. you know that but now you know i know that. i like tiny cam becasue i can see all the cameras inside the house. if i use the onvifer app i can only see 2 cameras that are on the nvr.

    i may ahve figured the remote viewing out but will not know until i’m away. if i got it i will post the results so maybe others can use the same technique. again thanks for the help. i’m leaning to the fact that the nvr will not really let me view the cameras on it because all it really does is record. and it is just another part of the network, am i correct? the dvr is similar but lets me actually log onto it and then view the channels. thanks bp.

  • @corvairbob The NVR cameras will allow remote viewing in one of two ways. One way is to open a “pinhole” port in your router for each camera. Example is maybe allowing port 5000 externally to address port 554 and allowing port 5010 externally to address port 554. Port 554 is commonly used for RTSP streams. Then, you would either sign up for a dynamic DNS service which would follow your public address of your router that your ISP grants or you would just hard code your ISP public address of your router and pray that it does not change. Then from the outside, you would connect to your dynamic DNS name and either port 5000 or port 5010 to connect to either of the cameras. Alternatively, your NVR may have built in “cloud” services that allow you to use their branded remote viewing client to access your NVR remotely and therefore see your cameras. For example, I use QNAP NVR Pro and it has remote cloud viewing built in.

  • @vmsman
    say thanks for that the nvr has cloud but i turned that off, sounds like i need to turn that back on. i do have the ports forwarded like your suggestion and i changed them so they are now now normal ports. i will test this next time i’m away. thanks so much.

    tell me if i use a forwarded port will any came be able to you it or do i have to have every ip address have it’s own port. i have the standard 554 in the app for rstp port and for the web port i use the port numbers i assigned the cameras. all the cameras but for the 2 onvif i see away. i just changed thsoe 2 camera ports now so next time i’m away i can see if they took. i tried the ddns but that id not work i did not find any that were free and the one from netgear requires me to re-register about every 2 weeks a pain. thanks much bp.

  • @corvairbob I think you are asking me about security. If you are opening ports for external access, then one consideration is in using ports that are not well known. For example, port 5000 is much better to open than port 554 since port 554 is a well known port number for RTSP. Plus if you have more than one camera, you will need more than one port open externally to map to the different cameras. The second line of security if you are opening ports externally is to use a good username and password for each camera.

    If you are fanatic about security, then you will run a router that has an Intrusion Protection System (IPS) built in so that those IP cameras with chinese firmware are not “calling home” unbeknowist to you.

  • @vmsman
    no i knew what you meant yes if i open ports i make them off the wall. my 5 ip cams all have numbers way out in left field and they work good. i just changed the ports on the 2 onvif cameras and made them way out in left field as well. but now i have to be away to see if they work. i changed the rstp ports as well so those are not the normal ports. my netgear modem/router has some type of security. but your correct one of the cameras i have the seller was able to see it and show me a picture of me on it to show me it was in fact working. so i change that port just after they did it.
    i can’t say for 100% but the tinycam developer tried to see my cameras to help me set them up and even though i gave him the infor he asked for he said he could not log onto them. if he is telling the truth then i’m pretty good if not then i don’t know what to say then i guess. but i have all the info and i have trouble getting to them when away. and besides the cameras are not looking at anything important but for the dogs in the living room and around the yard. so if they want to watch my dogs well i guess. thanks bp

  • @vmsman our the man. i can’t say for sure 100% but i think i have it going. for some reason it did not like the ports i was using so i just guessed and used ports around the area the nvr was set at and now i see both camera at home and away. hip hip hurray! your help was good. i did not use most of it but not to worry any ideas people offer prompts more thought and ideas. and that is what it did for me. thanks much for all the suggestions given they gave me ideas. if for some reason it stops i will visit this again and see if anyone has more ideas. again thanks much.

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