Hikvision ERI-Q104-P4 Network Video Recorder Configuration [SOLVED]

  • I am at a total loss how to configure my NVR work with Monocle. I just have one camera connected to my NVR. I know the IP address but that is about all. I don’t know how to specify the camera from the NVR. I know that is a very general question but if someone to give me some pointers to at least get me started, I would greatly appreciated it.

  • "Unable (so far) to Echo Show connect Hikvision NVR" - From this thread, I copied the rtsp URL line replacing the IP address with my own: rtsp:// I set authentication to DIGEST, and entered my username and password.I left all other parameters unchanged from default values.This is what worked for me.

  • @Monkeycam

    Glad to hear you got it working. Did you end up needing to use the Monocle Gateway software installed locally on your network or were your Alexa devices able to connect directly to the NVR?

    Thanks, Robert

  • @Monocle I’m assuming you mean the proxy software. In that case, no. Once I saw few examples related to my hardware brand, I saw starting place to try. I got lucky with it working with the first try.

  • @Monkeycam

    The Monocle Gateway is the newer replacement for the previous proxy server. Glad to hear its working without needing that. My Hikvision cameras work without needing it as well.

    (PS, the Monocle Gateway would be needed if you were using a FireTV 4K or newer.)

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