Monocle Alexa Skill in Spain [COMPLETE]

  • With finally getting their own echo show would love to get Monocle to work natively in it. As now it works by making a workaround with the US store.

  • Any progress on getting Reolink cameras to work without that server?

  • @Nyutu

    We are working on that in fact. Our first submission was rejected, so I need to review the cause, fix it and re-submit. Hopefully it will get released in Spain in a couple of weeks!


  • @rchalloner,

    No, that would require a change to Reolink firmware or Alexa’s RTSP implementation. Neither have been updated as far as we know. Thanks.

  • Amazon has released the Monocle IP Camera Alexa Skill to Mexico and Spain as of 2019, April 2.

  • @Monocle Thanks so much, have been testing the skill and there is an interesting bug in this version.

    I have a ring camera and I used to say “Alexa show me the front door” and it would show me the front door, after activating Monocle, when I say the same sentence I always get the same answer “Which device?” and then if I say front door it shows me perfectly the front door.

    The same happens with the camera I set up on Monocle, if I go Alexa show me the camera for the nursery, it always says “Which device?” and I have to say again nursery for it to show me the camera.

    It is not a matter of name as I tried several and if I disable the skill the ring camera goes back to work without having to repeat the name of the camera twice.

  • @Nyutu

    That is odd. I would suggest contacting Amazon Alexa support. There is nothing on our side we can really do to troubleshoot multiple camera skills and why Alexa would have problems … as long as the device names are different across the multiple camera skills (which in your case they are “Front Door” (Ring) and “Nursery” (Monocle) ).

    The Monocle skill is a “smart home skill” and thus all of the voice commands are entirely managed by Amazon. So it’s not like we are getting the request and can’t figure out which camera to provide. We only receive request from Amazon with the targeted camera that Alexa has pre-determined.

    Thanks, Robert

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