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  • ok i have one nvr running now and that on is one that has 1 network port and just plugs into the network, this means for every camera i have i need to use the ip and prots to see them. this means multiple port open. for the most part i have reset the ports on the cameras to off the wall 5 digit numbers.

    so can some tell me if the nvr units that let you plug all the cameras into them let you log on to the nvr and then using the channels to see the different cameras?

    the zmodo dvr lets me use one port and ip address and tehn to see the different cameras i use channels. kind of hoping the nvrs that let you plug all the cameras into them directly let you do the same. thanks.

  • @corvairbob

    I’m no expert on NVRs, but I have tested a Lorex NVR that supports up to 8 cameras physically attached to (PoE) ethernet ports on the NVR hardware. The NVR establishes streaming connections to each of the physically connected cameras and/or optionally to other IP cameras elsewhere on your main network. I believe the NVR’s camera ethernet ports act as a private/internal network and the attached cameras are not directly accessible on the main network. They are accessible via the NVR’s primary IP address.

    As far as RTSP connections, each camera stream is exposed via a custom URL provided by the NVR. Typically there is something like a channel or stream ID as parameters in the URL.

    Viewing the cameras on the NVR itself is simply accessible via individual channels or by using a multi-camera split screen view. The NVR provides a HDMI connection to view these channels/cameras on a TV or monitor.

  • Using a univision DVR here and the way I found is the internal POE switch will only act as it’s own seperate private network. the NVR however provides a URL for RTSP streaming with channel and stream parameters… so you can use the http://192.168.x.x:554/chX/sX format (that’s an example…but your NVR should provide the format) to add the streams for each camera to monocle

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