Connection issues SP017

  • would be grateful of any help, I have tried setting up monocle for use with my echo show v1, I have the latest BT Smart hub 2
    I can view the stream through vlc and ispy.
    I believe I have correctly setup monocle online

    this is the log of the server
    this is the log
    the alexa says the camera isn’t responding,

    thanks in advance.

  • Thanks for the log info. It looks like your Alexa device (Echo Show v1) is not able to communicate with your Monocle Gateway instance. We would expect to see additional information in the log file when any Alexa device attempts a connection to the gateway.

    Based on the log your Monocle Gateway is running/hosted onIP address:
    Is this correct?

    Is the Alexa device on the same network as the Monocle Gateway? Some users put their Alexa devices on a private or guest network as to limit access to other nodes on their private network.

    It could also be a firewall issue if the computer you are running the gateway on is no allowing access to port 443.

    If they are on the same network and its not a firewall issue, this could be an issue of DNS rebinding. Please see this page for more troubleshooting tips:

    Thanks, Robert

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