Wansview W2 no connection to Alexa on Fire HD8 Tablet.

  • Hello everybody,
    I want to connect a Wansview W2 with Alexa on Fire HD8 Tablet. Unfortunately it does not work.
    I have already tried the solution for the W3 camera and disabled audio in the camera stream. Unfortunately unsuccessful.
    My stream is rtsp:// ip-adress: 554/live/ch0.
    It works fine in VLC.
    Audio is disabled on the camera. Video codec is H264 and the resolution I have set to 1208 * 720. Camera settings:
    AC frequency 60HZ
    Resolution: 1280 * 720
    Bit rate: 1024kps
    Frame rate: 25
    Stream Control: Variable Bitrate
    Stream Type: without audio

    Settings in Monocle:
    rtsp: // IP address: 554/live/ch0
    Resolution: 1280 * 720
    Video H264
    Audio codec NONE

    Many thanks for your help.

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