Upgrade Monocle Gateway 0.0.3 to 0.0.4 on Windows

  • Couldn’t find any references to this situation, so I’ll ask anyway…

    I’m running Monocle Gateway 0.0.3 as a Windows Service in a Windows Server 2012R2 VM.
    Can I just upgrade to the latest 0.0.4 version by simply:

    • Stop the Service
    • Unzip the 0.0.4 software into the the Gateway Folder (currently c:\program files\monocle) i.e. overwrite any existing versions of the files
    • Restart the Service

    Is there anything that I would need to do additionally (e.g. regenerate token, etc)?

    I don’t have a pressing need to upgrade to 0.0.4 (other than to keep current), in fact, I only found that 0.0.4 was out because I just added my 4th camera to the Gateway today. - 0.0.3 has been rock solid for me since I started using it back in November

  • @autodrivel

    Yes, your upgrade approach should work fine. No need to regenerate a token or change any configs.

    v0.0.4 adds some improvements but not a significant update.

    We are working on a Windows installer so some future upgrade may require some additional steps — but not yet 🙂

    Thanks, Robert

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