Monocle gateway and Motioneye on RPI

  • I’m currently running the Monocle gateway on a Raspberry Pi 3B to make my iCamera and iCamera2 units communicate with my Echo Show. I also have them under another RPI 3B running MotionEyeOS for motion detection and recording. I’m looking into having both MotionEye and Monocle gateway on one RPI since running a RPI just for the gateway seems like a waste. And since MotionEyeOS cannot run any other service, I might have to revert to using just MotionEye on Jesse instead. Has anyone tried doing something similar, meaning running the Monocle gateway server on a RPI running something else?

  • @x24

    Monocle gateway should run just fine alongside other services/software on a Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+. (Assuming the system is not overloaded; CPU taxed too heavily or RAM fully saturated). The only caveat is that Monocle Gateway must listen on port 443. No options to change that port in Monocle Gateway because Amazon only supports this port for secure camera connectivity.

    Thanks, Robert

  • Thanks. I did run it previously along with pihole but it made the gateway not work most of the time. Maybe pihole ate up too much of the pi’s resources. I’m still holding off on the new RPI4, maybe with that it won’t be much an issue.

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