Dahua IPC-HDBW4421F-AS & Alexa ECHO Show 5

  • A little help please, I feel as stupid as a damp teabag.

    I have some Dahua Cameras and an NVR and I can stream to VLC to problems either using admin or a view only account. I can also stream to other video systems.

    using rtsp:// and DIGEST with admin and my password

    I have also tried sub stream and changed some resolutions as well as disabled audio.

    Everything appears to be configured correctly but Alexa just reports “MMmmm the camera isn’t responding”

    If I look in connection feed history I get ( see below)

    Anyone any suggestions ? to confirm laptop, camera and Alexa on same network with my laptop and Alexa on Wi-Fi and my camera in LAN.

    I have also had a fiddle with the DOS Gateway and can things starting OK but no connection success. I was hoping a Dahua user could confirm what worked for them.

    “timestamp”: “2019-07-07T15:35:48.951Z”,
    “request”: “InitializeCameraStreams”,
    “response”: [
    “uri”: “rtsp://%USER%:%PWD%@”,
    “proxy”: “rtsp://proxy.monoclecam.com:443/bca01019-6c62-4aeb-940e-af972ac2a0cb”,
    “resolution”: {
    “width”: “1280”,
    “height”: “720”
    “authorizationType”: “DIGEST”,
    “videoCodec”: “H264”,
    “audioCodec”: “NONE”,
    “protocol”: “RTSP”

  • @aatommy

    I have a IPC-HDW5231R-ZE and IPC-HDW2231R and they both work fine with BASIC authentication vice DIGEST. Try changing that.

  • Thanks, I have already tried that, I also tried some other Dahua Cameras with the same results. My conclusion is something to do with the show5, I can connect all my cameras using the free Dahua supported IMOU App (only sends substream) which seems a better option than having to have a proxy server running, I liked the idea of having the cameras run internally on my network and that I might be able to choose the wide screen display option, but on reading the forum it suggests that Amazon are going to force additional security which means I would have to use the gateway.

    The way the Monocle works and the simplicity all make for easy setup but like others I have been frustrated with getting it working, I will try on Fire TV when it arrives, just to see if it was me all along.

  • @aatommy

    I don’t need to use the gateway but display two Dahua camera Feeds using basic authentication. They display fine to a Fire TV stick 2nd gen and a older Fire Tablet 7” (have to push to talk to Alexa) and a Echo Spot.

    All the newer Fire devices need secure connection and hence use then gateway.

  • @aatommy

    @serodgers is right, all newer FireTV (4K) devices (and now the Echo Show 5) now require using our Monocle Gateway software. It’s all based on the fact that Amazon has implemented further security restrictions on connecting to IP cameras that most cameras simply don’t support and the difficulty for most users would be far too high. Monocle Gateway performs all of the hard work and lets you continue using your local IP cameras, albeit at a cost of having to install and setup Monocle Gateway locally inside your network.

    You can find specific compatibility info on each supported Alexa/FireTV device here:

    I have posted an update on these requirements and our additional findings about the ECHO SHOW 5 here: http://monoclecam.com/echo-show-5.

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