Camera not responding [RESOLVED - see post below]

  • Hi,

    I am really excited to have discovered this service! I am trying to get my Synology Surveillance station (which uses Ubiquiti G3 cameras) working. I’ve followed the Synology guide as well as the various other steps. The gateway is initialized, I can play the stream in VLC, devices are discovered by Alexa, and I even see the gateway attempt to open the stream (log below). Unfortunately Alexa just times out with “Hmm, the camera is not responding”.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.



    FQDN =
    HOST =
    PORT = 443


    • NAME : Rec Room Camera
    • URL : rtsp://
    • UUID : STREAM:c322c880-4cce-421e-9230-f62e6bedfc9f
    • SESS : 87397384-c2f8-4183-803e-43323052bc3e
    • MODIF : Fri Jul 12 2019 21:11:45 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
    • TAGS : @proxy

    2019-07-13T13:41:29.277Z [INFO] [RTSP PROXY] REGISTERING STREAM [Rec Room Camera/PRIMARY]; (STREAM:c322c880-4cce-421e-9230-f62e6bedfc9f)
    2019-07-13T13:41:29.281Z [DEBUG] <RTSP-PROXY> [REQUEST] --> [REGISTER] rtsp://
    2019-07-13T13:41:29.283Z [TRACE] <RTSP-PROXY> [REQUEST] --> [HEADERS] {
    “cseq”: “1”,
    “transport”: “reuse_connection=0;preferred_delivery_protocol=udp;proxy_url_suffix=STREAM:c322c880-4cce-421e-9230-f62e6bedfc9f;username=syno;password=71864###############61ef97d9821b”
    2019-07-13T13:41:29.284Z [DEBUG] <RTSP-PROXY> [RESPONSE] <-- [200 (OK)] <cseq=1> (session=undefined)
    2019-07-13T13:41:29.285Z [TRACE] <RTSP-PROXY> [RESPONSE] <-- [HEADERS] {
    “cseq”: “1”,
    “date”: “Sat, Jul 13 2019 13:41:29 GMT”
    2019-07-13T13:42:19.565Z [INFO] [RTSP PROXY] STREAM [Rec Room Camera/PRIMARY] WILL BE DE-REGISTERED IN 4 MINUTES
    2019-07-13T13:43:50.099Z [INFO] [RTSP PROXY] STREAM [Rec Room Camera/PRIMARY] WILL BE DE-REGISTERED IN 3 MINUTES
    2019-07-13T13:44:50.102Z [INFO] [RTSP PROXY] STREAM [Rec Room Camera/PRIMARY] WILL BE DE-REGISTERED IN 2 MINUTES
    2019-07-13T13:45:50.107Z [INFO] [RTSP PROXY] STREAM [Rec Room Camera/PRIMARY] WILL BE DE-REGISTERED IN 1 MINUTES
    2019-07-13T13:46:50.108Z [INFO] [RTSP PROXY] DE-REGISTERING STREAM [Rec Room Camera/PRIMARY]; NO LONGER IN USE
    2019-07-13T13:46:50.112Z [DEBUG] <RTSP-PROXY> [REQUEST] --> [DEREGISTER] rtsp://
    2019-07-13T13:46:50.113Z [TRACE] <RTSP-PROXY> [REQUEST] --> [HEADERS] {
    “cseq”: “1”,
    “transport”: “reuse_connection=0;preferred_delivery_protocol=udp;proxy_url_suffix=STREAM:c322c880-4cce-421e-9230-f62e6bedfc9f”
    2019-07-13T13:46:50.115Z [DEBUG] <RTSP-PROXY> [RESPONSE] <-- [200 (OK)] <cseq=1> (session=undefined)
    2019-07-13T13:46:50.116Z [TRACE] <RTSP-PROXY> [RESPONSE] <-- [HEADERS] {
    “cseq”: “1”,
    “date”: “Sat, Jul 13 2019 13:46:50 GMT”

  • @pavlov70

    Based on the limited info provided in your log snippet, it does not look like the Alexa device is actually making a request to the gateway. The gateway is clearly running and you @proxy tag is working but we should also see the Alexa device making a TCP connection/request to the gateway in the log.

    • Make sure your Alexa device is on the same network and can access the gateway.

    • Is IP address “” correct for your gateway? The gateway automatically detects the first IP – but this is not alway the “right” one.

    • Make sure port 443 is not blocked by a firewall on OSX or Windows.

    • Can you ping DNS host “” and does it successfully return the correct IP address of “” on your network?

    • A less common issue could be DNS rebinding. See:

    Thanks, Robert

  • @Monocle

    I’ve resolved the issue after re-reading the flow-chart of how Monocle works. Once I realized traffic between Alexa and the cameras remains on the same LAN, I moved my Alexa device from my guest network to my internal LAN. It’s now working beautifully. This is a game-changer for me and I’d be happy to pay a yearly fee for this service.


  • @pavlov70

    Glad to hear you got it working and it turned out to be something simple!

    The reason it has to be on the same network is that we want your audio/video data only to be routed inside your private network for security and latency concerns between the IP camera and Alexa devices.

    A subscription service is coming, but we are not in any rush to push it out – keep using the service and let us know how it works out for you 🙂

    Thanks, Robert

  • @pavlov70

    I forgot to mention, if you are really into networking privacy, the Monocle Gateway can act as a bridge between your Alexa devices on an less secure network or VLAN and your IP cameras on a more secured network/VLAN. The computer running the gateway would need multiple network interfaces (virtual or physical), one for each network/VLAN. You would probably have to setup a custom configuration file for the gateway to specify the IP address to listen for Alexa devices on — just let us know if this is something you want to pursue.

    Thanks, Robert

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