• This camera has worked great with my full size Show but on my Show 5 I can’t get it to work. I have the gateway setup and using the gateway it still works fine on the full size but not on the 5. Is it possibly not compatible? What debugging info can I provide?

  • @mon749

    The Echo Show 5 does work but with my cameras I had to set them to a maximum resolution of 1080p FHD as when they were set higher on the cameras it would not work. What model of cameras do you have?

  • @leewilko

    @mon749 is correct, the Echo Show 5 (similar to the Echo Spot) is limited to streams of 1080P and less. You can adjust the resolution of your camera within the camera’s own settings or use the camera’s secondary stream which is typically a lower resolution feed.

    If you primary feed is something like:
    then the secondary feed may be:

    Thanks, Robert

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