Remove audio stream?

  • The iegeek bullet camera I have uses audio codecs that are incompatible with my echo show (PCM ALAW codec). Is it possible to remove the audio stream from the rtsp by adding an extra string to the address? Any ideas would be greatly received.

  • @Raggy

    Some cameras offer the ability to disable the audio in the camera’s own configuration. … and some do not.

    We can remove the audio by stripping the audio channel from the stream descriptor if you use our Monocle Gateway software.:

    You will need to use the following tags on your camera in the Monocle web portal to accomplish this:
    @tunnel, @noaudio


    Thanks, Robert

  • Hi there,
    I am trying to view my generic camera on Echo show. I got my rtsp stream working on VLC. My issue is that the audio format is not compatible (alaw). So I installed the gateway on my raspberry pi and it is running fine. I added tags @tunnel and @noaudio. When I ask alexa to show camera I can see the logging on gateway, however Echo show keeps saying that the camera is not responding and no picture is being shown. Any advise? What am I doing wrong?

    Any guidance will be highly appreciated. 🙂