Echo Show 2, SV3C - Waiting

  • I’m trying to view my SV3C model L camera with my Echo Show 2nd Gen. I got the RTSP URL from SV3C and tested it successfully with VLC. When I tell Alexa to view the camera it says “Waiting for Driveway” and just hangs there. It does give a quick blink after about a second but does nothing after that. I do have login credentials entered on Monocle and tried both Basic and Digest. I see that the SV3C camera is supported without using the gateway so I’m not using the gateway. I just read a post that seemed to imply that the Echo device needs to be on the same network as the camera. My Echo is running on WiFi and my camera is hard-wired. Could that be the issue? Thanks for your help!

    Here are my settings:

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