camera doesn't respond after the successful set-up

  • Hi, my hikvision camera stopped responding on my echo show. It was fine initially.

    I’m running the gateway and in the log, the last message is “INITIALIZE RTSP STREAM:”. What’s the best way to advise? Thanks.

  • @kureka

    Sounds like the Alexa device is not able to establish a connection to the gateway. If “INITIALIZE RTSP STREAM” is the last message, then the gateway is connected to the Monocle servers, we did get a signal from the Alexa Cloud to start the camera stream and we would have send the RTSP address of the gateway to the requesting Alexa device.

    Did the Alexa change WiFi networks? Possibly to a Guest network?

    Did the IP address of computer running the Monocle Gateway change? When you re-start Monocle Gateway it will print out the IP address it automatically detects and the unique DNS hostname (FQDN) that is assigned to your gateway instance. Try to resolve the DNS hostname and make sure it matches the local IP address of your gateway server.

    Thanks , Robert

  • Hi Robert, thanks for your reply. You were right, the underlying reason was outside the Monocle.

    For some reason adding NVR messed up the gateway. When I removed it, I can see the IP camera like before. Thanks.

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