Success with RLC-410 4MP Camera on Echo Show 5

  • I don’t see any info on the RLC-410 4MP cameras. So after some difficulty and troubleshooting, I finally got my cameras working with the Echo Show 5.

    The @tunnel tag did not work. @tunnel, @noaudio did not work either. When I tried @proxy, I finally got it to show up on the Echo Show 5.

    I am also using the sub stream of the camera (rtsp://<ip>:554/h264Preview_01_sub), as the main stream has a resolution over 1080P (2560x1440), which your requirements on the Echo Show 5 say won’t support it. The sub stream only has a resolution of 640x325, but it looks OK on the Echo Show 5.

    Anyway, just wanted to note my success, in case anyone else is looking!


  • @Gunn

    Thanks for posting your info … I’m sure it will help somebody down the road.

    Typically for Reolink cameras, you only need @tunnel and to make sure the manufacturer is configured as “Reolink” in the Monocle web portal. Behind the scene, we add the tag @ntpnow which addresses a specific compatibility issue with Reolinks.

    Glad to hear you got it working. The resolution limit is true, at least the last time I tested this a few months ago. I’m not sure why Amazon limits this device to 1080P streams. None of the other Echo Shows (apart from the Echo Spot) do this.

    Thanks, Robert

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