2nd and 3rd Camera not discovered by Alexa

  • New user, verified RTSP address worked and added a camera. Alexa discovered the camera and everything works. I then did the same for 2 more cameras and Alexa finds no new devices. Have double and triple checked the camera setup in Monocle, and attempted discovery multiple times last night and this morning with same result.

  • @Mondo

    If the other Alexa devices are not recognizing the new cameras, meaning Alexa is saying those devices don’t exist, then it could be an issue of multiple profiles. Make sure your second and third Alexa devices are using the correct account/profile. You can say “Alexa switch profiles” to switch between multiple profiles if you have multiple accounts on Alexa.

    If Alexa knows about the cameras but fails to display them, then that’s a different issue.

    As far as device discovery, you don’t have to discover the new devices for each Alexa, just one time for your account that all Alexa devices are connected to. It might be helpful to use the Alexa mobile app and view your Smart Home devices to make sure the cameras are showing up properly.

    Thanks, Robert

  • @Monocle the problem isn’t with different Alexa devices or profiles, I am using the Alexa app and an Echo Show. It’s the 2nd and 3rd Cameras that I added to Monocle after successfully testing with first camera that aren’t being discovered either by asking Echo Show or adding device through app… Alexa says no new devices found.

  • @Monocle Refering to your last paragraph, that is exactly the issue the 2nd and 3rd cameras do not show up properly or at all, only the initial camera I added to Monocle and then added via the alexa app.

  • I found a workaround, but this is obviously a problem. The workaround was to disable and re-enable the skill re-linking the account (I had made no changes to my account or login). Upon re-enabling and signing in to monocle account, it did a new discovery which found the 2 additional cameras.

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