New resolution and problems with gateway

  • First, I have a resolution which is not listed in the cam registration:
    640 x 352 It’s the resolution of the sub stream of a ESCAM G01 HD

    Second, I have problems with the gateway. Using a Amazon Echo Show 5 I had to install the monocle gateway - if this is not right please correct me.
    After adding the @tunnel tag to the registration of the cams (actuall two cam from different manufactures but both support rtsp (checked with VLC)), adding a key and installing the gateway, the monocle gateway shows at the first start the request to the cams, the connection to the socket was established but was closed with the state 400 (Bad request - the rtsp urls were correct, I checked this with VLC and ONVIF device manager) immediately.
    After restart the computer and starting the monocle gateway again only the attemps to connect to the cams were shown, no socket connection was shown.

    To find the error it would be nice, if you have some suggestions to test possible error causes step by step (maybe manual create a socket connection, check firewall settings …)

  • @aaky said in New resolution and problems with gateway:

    640 x 352

    640 x 352 resolution has been added.

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