Fire TV (2nd Gen) - Not supported on this version of Fire TV.

  • So I’ve setup the camera’s on the Monocle dashboard, and enabled the skill. I’m using the 2nd Gen Fire Stick and I understand it is supported up to a max resolution of 1920x1080. This is fine, as some camera’s are older resolution.

    Alexa app detects the camera’s but when I request Alexa to show the camera’s, I get the following message:

    Sorry, Front Door Camera is not supported on this version of fire TV.

    Neither camera is greater resolution than 1920x1080. rtsp URL’s work fine with the VLC player.

    I’ve run through the troubleshooting flow chart and can’t see a reason for this.

    Are there any logs anywhere I can understand what the underlying problem is?


  • Very poor experience of support here. Not a peep in over a fortnite. Won’t be recommending this product.

  • @nmpuk

    Sorry for the delay, I have been out of the office for the past couple of weeks.

    I have not experienced an issue where Alexa says “Camera is not supported on this version of Fire TV” before. The first step is to check your Monocle web portal and look for the Camera Feed History" button/icon.


    A popup window should appear. It should list each request we received from Alexa and each response we provide to Alexa. Any camera request for this named camera should appear in this list. If it’s empty, then we are not receiving camera requests from Alexa for some reason. In the past issues like this had to be resolved by the Alexa customer support team.

    You could try removing the camera from your Alexa app, rename the camera in Monocle and then remove and re-add the Monocle app and re-link your account. Then try it once more.

    Thanks, Robert

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