No joy with UCAM247 cameras on Echo Show 5 [SOLVED]

  • I have posted a bigger write up in the main discussion section, but as of yet, I am unable to view any feeds from my UCAM247 cameras (RTSP) on the Echo Show 5 using the Gateway and I’m assuming the same will be the case with the Show 8 that is arriving tomorrow.

    If anyone has any suggestions to try I’m happy to play with things.


  • Re: No joy with UCAM247 cameras on Echo Show 5

    Replying as myself on a new account as I don’t seem to have access to my original account

    I can now confirm that I can access my UCAM247 cameras on both my Show 5 and Show 8

    When I first tried using the gateway running on my rPi, it didn’t work regardless of which tags I tried using.

    Upon further reading, I found out about DNSbinding causing some issues and my route was running DDWRT and had DNSbinding disabled.

    Once I had sorted this I can confirm that the @tunnel tag works fine and all of my cameras are working well

    To be honest, my fix was to disable the DNSbinding block on my router which probably isn’t the best way to do it so will look into putting the proper fix on place.

    Thanks to the MonocleCam team for getting the gateway working and allowing us to use the new devices (that Amazon won’t).

    I can confirm I can also see the same feed fine on my FiteTV Second gen (voice controller)

  • @Jouster-74

    Glad to hear its all working as expected now.

    Thanks for the update! Robert

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