Gateway error on startup

  • I cannot seem to connect my IP cameras to my Echo show 5
    I am using the proxy config.

    I can see in my camera streams that alexa does trigger the camera, but it doesnt display.

    “timestamp”: “2019-12-05T19:13:56.159Z”,
    “request”: “InitializeCameraStreams”,
    “response”: [
    “uri”: “rtsp://”,
    “proxy”: “rtsp://”,
    “resolution”: {
    “width”: “192”,
    “height”: “192”
    “authorizationType”: “NONE”,
    “videoCodec”: “H264”,
    “audioCodec”: “NONE”,
    “protocol”: “RTSP”


    also in the monocle gateway I can see the gateway call the camera.

    on starting the gateway I do see this error.


    I have tried every help tip, i have looked around the forum, so appolgies if i have missed the solution.
    any help would be much appreicated.

    I am using a generic IP camera setup.


    i have tried my external IP address & my internal IP address, neither work.

    any help would be much appreicated.


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