Issue With IP Camera on a new Alexa Show

  • I am sure lots of people have been having this issue, I am unable to get my Alexa show to “show” one of my cameras.
    Using Onvif Device Manager I have got my RTSP URL and can view the camera using VLC.
    My camera is from a company called Videcon and is quite a popular model
    I do not have the AAC option for audio but have G.711a and G.771u On the FAQs it mentions turning off the audio if AAC is not available, I have done this and still it will not work.
    The message from Alexa is “The camera is not responding” Of course the camera is showing on my Alexa APP as a device.
    The URL does look a little odd however as nowhere does the url state a channel number or user name etc, which I note some URLs do.
    I have the stream set at H.264

    Can someone please help

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