Version 0.0.3 (Beta) Released

  • New Beta Release (v0.0.3)

    BETA Version (0.0.3) of the Monocle Gateway is now available for the following platforms:

    Release Notes

    • Added support for Linux OS (Ubuntu/Debian).
      • Install/uninstall script for Linux
      • Systemd configuration file
      • Linux OS default paths
    • Applied a ReoLink Fix suggested by Amazon
    • Changed configuration file from JSON to a simple formatted properties/INI file data structure
    • Fixed protocol bug in proxy de-registration requests
    • Added support for @proxy-tcp tag to use proxy server and force TCP communication channel with camera
    • Added support for @hangup tag to force immediate disconnect of proxy connection to IP cameras when Alexa device disconnects from proxy server
    • Fixed exception defect in SDP audio stream removal logic


    Coming Soon

    • Support for OSX.
    • Windows Installer
    • Debian Package Installer