Registration closed? [SOLVED]

  • Today I received my first Alexa Show and want to add my Cameras to it over this great Service but I can not register?

    Is the registration closed or are there issues?
    I add als information required and I am also not an Bot but the page will not do anything after hitting register.

    Someone know?

  • @Armodon ,

    I just tested the account registration and it worked for me. I was able to provide an email address as well as name, confirmed the reCAPTCHA and submitted. At this point the system will send a confirmation email with a link to complete your account registration. I received this confirmation email, clicked the link and my account was created. I could then logon to the portal.

    What browser are you using, maybe there is some browser incompatibility issue? I was using Chrome when testing.

    Thanks, Robert

  • Thank you for your response.

    I tested Chrome, Firefox and also Safari on Mac OS X.
    I will test it tomorrow again on my Windows Machine, may this will work.

    Thank you for your support, I will come back to this.

  • @Armodon

    Well, I tested today from MacOS using Chrome. I’m not sure why its failing on your end unless something is wrong with the Google reCaptcha stuff. Is the “Complete” button enabled on the registration screen?

    Thanks, Robert

  • mhm that’s strange, on my Windows Machine I was be able to register (with Chrome).

    I can not say, maybe realy some reCaptcha issue.

    Thank’s for the support 😀

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