Camera Not working on Echo Show 5

  • Hi all,

    I just registered to the forum after trying to get my camera working on Echo Show 5.

    I am using the cam NC450 from Tp-link which should be possible since the cam obviously seems to be compatible (Has rtsp etc.). Sorry about my wording - I am neither native speaker nor very familiar with the technical background.

    Nevertheless, I generated a link for my camera and tested the stream via VLC mobile App, which perfectly worked out. Full of enthusiasmn I added a camera feed in monocle. I removed the credentials from the link and pasted them in the coreesponding fields in the feed. Obviously the device was also detected by Alexa.

    Then I kindly asked my Echo Show 5 to Show the stream. It seems to try to connect to the camera (loading screen) but then it tells me the a connection to the camera can not be established.

    I also read through the trobleshooting section But unfortunately I was not able to find a solution. I hope for anybody out there who could make a suggestion what to try next.

    Thanks you very much in advance!


  • Nevermind, just found the Post about the “gateway” issue.

    Unforrunately I am afraid this will exceed my technical knowledge 😞

    Does anybody has an idea whether I can run the gateway on a VU solo 4k+ Sat receiver?


  • Hi its me again 🙂

    Sorry to Bump But are there any ideas where I can run the gateway beides a PC or rasperry?
    E.g. My Linux based sat receiver (vu+ solo 4k)?