Camera Not working on Echo Show 5 [ANSWERED]

  • Hi all,

    I just registered to the forum after trying to get my camera working on Echo Show 5.

    I am using the cam NC450 from Tp-link which should be possible since the cam obviously seems to be compatible (Has rtsp etc.). Sorry about my wording - I am neither native speaker nor very familiar with the technical background.

    Nevertheless, I generated a link for my camera and tested the stream via VLC mobile App, which perfectly worked out. Full of enthusiasmn I added a camera feed in monocle. I removed the credentials from the link and pasted them in the coreesponding fields in the feed. Obviously the device was also detected by Alexa.

    Then I kindly asked my Echo Show 5 to Show the stream. It seems to try to connect to the camera (loading screen) but then it tells me the a connection to the camera can not be established.

    I also read through the trobleshooting section But unfortunately I was not able to find a solution. I hope for anybody out there who could make a suggestion what to try next.

    Thanks you very much in advance!


  • Nevermind, just found the Post about the “gateway” issue.

    Unforrunately I am afraid this will exceed my technical knowledge 😞

    Does anybody has an idea whether I can run the gateway on a VU solo 4k+ Sat receiver?


  • Hi its me again 🙂

    Sorry to Bump But are there any ideas where I can run the gateway beides a PC or rasperry?
    E.g. My Linux based sat receiver (vu+ solo 4k)?


  • @Tobi

    My apologies, I missed this thread until today.

    You can run the Monocle Gateway on an x86/x64/ARMv7/ARMv8 Linux system, x86/x64 Windows or x64 MacOS. We also have a Docker container that runs an Alpine Linux distro on x64 based systems.

    The amount of technical detail required varies depending on the system you are using. We have an installer for Debian based Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Raspbian.

    I’m sorry but I don’t know about a “VU solo 4k+ Sat receiver”? I don’t have any experience with that type of device.

    Thanks, Robert